The Worst Niches For Your Dropshipping Store

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The Worst Niches For Your Dropshipping Store

Are you trying to find a profitable niche for your dropshipping store? Well, let me make it a little bit easier for you by telling you the absolute worst 3 dropshipping niches you can get into in 2021!

I have been around in the dropshipping game for quite some time, and I have seen trends come and go, I have seen stores pop up and disappear, but overall I have seen some niches that have been around for a long time and that have never been successful. I really felt like making a post about this to help you avoid making a dropshipping store in one of these niches.

Why you shouldn’t Start Dropshipping Watches

I need to start off with this one because it drives me crazy! In all of the forums, I’m part of, I see at least one new dropshipping store every day selling the same low-quality watches. You really need to stop making watch stores. Every single store I see from beginner dropshippers, for some reason sells watches. It could even be totally unrelated too, like a shop selling hunting gear having a luxury watch section. It doesn’t make any sense, and these watches are absolutely horrible to sell.

So basically, what is wrong with dropshipping watches? Well, let me tell you a few things: First of all, most of the watches on Aliexpress are really cheap and terrible. If you buy them for the Aliexpress price which is like 2-10 dollars you get what you pay for, and you won’t get mad if they suck.

If you try and sell these watches for like 20 dollars or more on your dropshipping store, or even worse sell them with free plus shipping and charge them 15 dollars, people are going to be really angry when they receive the watch!

I see ads all the time on Instagram for free plus shipping watches that are obviously dropshipped, and every single comment is from angry people blaming the seller for not receiving their product or criticizing the quality, saying it’s not worth the money they paid for it. Everybody knows that watches are being dropshipped, so you really need to stop selling cheap crappy watches!

Dropshipping store - sell watches

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t sell watches ever, but you need to make sure that the watches in your store is actually good quality. A quick tip: Don’t focus on watches as a niche by itself, because you will have a LOT of competition from other dropshipping stores doing the same. This worked a few years ago, but it does not work now. Don’t even try it, don’t waste your time and money.

Why you shouldn’t Start Dropshipping General Clothing

General clothing stores are the second most common type of dropshipping store I see on the forums. I don’t mean clothing within a specific niche, but clothing that appeals to a wider audience. Beginner dropshippers often choose women’s clothing for this which is a big mistake. What they often do is go to Aliexpress and type in women’s clothing, sort by most orders, and then put all the search results on their dropshipping store. By doing this they get a random selection of bad quality products, with convoluted pictures. I can guarantee that doing this will end up getting you a bunch of returns or no sales at all.

Another reason why general dropshipping clothing stores don’t work is that there are a bunch of huge established clothing retailers out there already. Brands like H&M and Uniclothes sell very cheap clothes that are high quality, compared to what you can get from Aliexpress. On top of that, people can actually go to these stores and try the clothes on before they buy them, you simply can’t compete. If you somehow convince people to buy clothing from your dropshipping store, a big portion of the time the sizing isn’t going to be right because it’s Asian sizing. Even if you try to size up, the proportions can be weird and the quality of Aliexpress clothing is often really bad.

There are a million general clothing dropshipping stores out there. If you make one, you’re not gonna stand out, and It’s really not worth risking.

Why you shouldn’t Start Dropshipping General Lifestyle Products

I don’t see this as much, but when I do, it’s not good at all. What I mean by general lifestyle items is stuff like basic kitchen and cleaning items. Things you would see on Amazon and think is kinda neat, and then never think about again. Dropshipping stores that sell these kinds of products don’t do well.

In order to make your dropshipping store a success, you need to find products that are interesting and not well known. If you can create enough desire for the items you sell, people will impulse purchase them. For example, if you sell a really cool necklace that people have never seen anywhere else, they might buy it from you. If you sell general lifestyle products like generic colanders or kitchen spoons, you are going to have a hard time creating the desire to purchase.

Sure you can use creative copy, fancy graphics and talk it up, but it doesn’t change the fact that people can go to the nearest Walmart and get products similar to what you are selling, but way cheaper. If you do want to sell these kinds of products, I would recommend having a general dropshipping store and only adding the most trendy and hot products to it. Sell them as one-offs and don’t base your entire store around one product category.

Key Takeaways

I really hope you learned something about what niches and products to avoid adding to your dropshipping store, in 2021 and onwards. If you do want to pursue the niches I mentioned in this post, please be smart about it and stop doing what so many others are doing without success.

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